Transmitting transcribed text with FAB Subtitler BCAST

This page contains information on how to use a third party live transcription system to send live transcribed text to FAB Subtitler BCAST which will convert it to subtitles and transmit them.

You will find information on how to configure live transcription with transcription services supported directly by FAB Subtitler BCAST on a separate page


FAB Subtitler BCAST provides the ability to receive transcribed text using a simple REST API HTTP GET call.

The following REST API calls can be used:

  • To start the live transcription (this is necessary before any text can be sent to FAB Subtitler BCAST):
HTTP GET ip:port/livetranscription/start 
  • To stop the live transcription (this is necessary at the end of the transmission):
HTTP GET ip:port/livetranscription/stop
  • To provide text from live transcription:
HTTP GET ip:port/livetranscription/send?text=This is recognized text from live transcription.

Configuration of FAB Subitler BCAST

The following has to be configured in FAB Subtitler BCAST so that the functionality described above will function correctly:

  • Activate the web server:

  • Activate the HTTP REST API for transcribed text:

  • Configure how FAB Subtitler BCAST shall create subtitles when receiving transcribed text: