Using FAB USB Dongles in Virtual Machines

Generally all FAB software except for FAB DVB Interface (because of timing issues in network traffic due to VM host) works correctly in virtual machines. It is however important to use virtual machines which have sufficient performance so that FAB software will work without unnecessary delays.

Virtual machines with Windows do not have USB ports where the USB Dongle for FAB Software can be plugged in. There are several solutions how to make a USB Dongle available in a virtual machine:

Using VMWare USB Passthrough

VMWare allows connecting a USB Dongle which is physically plugged into a host machine over network to a virtual machine. This way the USB Dongle can be made available to the virtual machine. When multiple dongles are necessary on the same VM host you can connect a USB hub with multiple USB dongles to the server.

Using a FAB USB Dongle over Network

This page describes how to connect a FAB USB Dongle over network.

Using FAB Applications over Remote Desktop

To read how to Use FAB USB Dongles over remote desktop click here

This page was last updated on 2022-09-06