Using FAB USB Dongles in Virtual Machines

Virtual machines with Windows do not have USB ports where the USB Dongle for FAB Software can be plugged in.

VMWare allows connecting a USB Dongle which is physically plugged into a host machine over network to a virtual machine. This way the USB Dongle can be made available to the virtual machine.

There are also Network USB Device Servers like Silex DS-600

Silex DS-600 Device Server

  • Connect the Network USB Device Server to the network, set the IP address and plug in the USB Dongle into the USB port. If multiple USB Dongles have to be connected then connect a USB hub to the Network USB Device Server and plug all necessary USB Dongles into the USB hub.

  • Download and install the SX Virtual Link software in the virtual machine

  • Start SX Virtual Link software in the virtual machine and connect to the Network USB Device Server and connect the USB Dongle to the virtual machine. As from this moment the USB Dongle will become available for any software running in the virtual machine. To check whether the USB Dongle is available in the virtual machine please open the following URL in the web browser in the virtual machine: http://localhost:1947

  • To make sure that the USB Dongle will be connected to the virtual machine after restart of the virtual machine right click the USB Dongle in the SX Virtual Link software, select Properties and then activate “Automatically connect this device when it is available” under “Connect”.