Automatic correction of timecodes

FAB Subtitler can check all subtitles in the currently opened subtitle file and apply automatic corrections. Such automatic corrections include fixing too low or too high subtitle duration and overlapping timecodes, however further functionality regarding scene changes is also supported.

Using the Auto Correct Functionality

  • Open the subtitle file in FAB Subtitler
  • Open the menu Extras and select “Auto Correct”
  • Select the correct criteria that you would like to apply for Auto Correct


FAB Subtitler will apply automatic corrections to all subtitles and display the list of all subtitles that were modified. In the bottom right corner you can see what was modified in the selected subtitle.

When there are remaining unsolved issues in the subtitle you will see the symbol ! in the subtitle list and the exact description of unresolved issues at the bottom of the screen.

The meaning of the symbols displayed in the subtitle list is described here