Creating Backup of FAB DVB Interface

To be able to recover quickly from a hardware failure or accidental deletion of FAB DVB Interface data it is necessary to create a backup at least once per day.

Creating Backup

To create a backup of the complete FAB DVB Interface it is not enough to just copy the .dvbconfig configuration file because there may be other data stored in other files when FAB DVB Interface is used for transmission of teletext.

Therefore the best way is to use the program FAB System Report to store the complete backup into a ZIP file. You can start FABSystemReport.exe from command line (or from a .bat or .ps1 script or directly from the WIndows Scheduler) and the first parameter must be the filename of the ZIP file where the backup should be stored:

C:\Path\FABSystemReport.exe C:\BackupPath\

Restoring Backup

Generally it is very easy to install Windows and also installation of FAB DVB Interface Software is very easy. Therefore in case of server failure the recommended way is to reinstall Windows and FAB DVB Interface software on a new empty disk. After that:

  • Stop the Windows Service “FAB DVB Interface”
  • Start the program DVB Config and load the ZIP file which was created by FABSystemReport.exe
  • This will restore the complete configuration but also teletext pages will be restored when the system is used for transmission of teletext
  • Check that all settings were restored correctly in the DVB Config program
  • Start the Windows Service “FAB DVB Interface”

This page was last updated on 2021-08-04