Supported import/export file formats in FAB Subtitler

Import formats

Import ID Filename Extension Name
1 .stl EBU STL files
2 .stl Spruce STL files
3 .pac Screen PAC files
4 .rac Screen RAC files
5 .chk Screen CHK files
6 .890 Cavena 890 files
7 .wcf Wincaps files
8 .w32 W32 files
9 .das Gelula DAS files
10 .tit Titra files
11 .pns PNS files
12 .hvh HVH files
13 .smi SAMI files
14 .sami SAMI files
15 .vdp VDP files
16 .scc Scenarist closed caption files
17 .ztt ZTT files
18 .wtc WTC files
19 .srt SRT files
20 .ssa Substation Alpha files
21 .ass Advanced Substation Alpha files
22 .vtt WebVTT files
23 .xml Rhozet CarbonCopy TitlerData
24 .xml SMPTE 428-7 Digital Cinema files
25 .xml Timed text files
26 .dfxp Timed text files
27 .itt iTunes timed text files
28 .cap NCI CAP files
29 .cap Cheetah CAP files
30 .cap CPC CAP files
31 .json Microsoft Video Indexer breakdown files
32 .json Google speech API speech recognition files
33 .stl Google Transcription JSON
34 .stl Microsoft VideoIndexer JSON
35 .stl Trint Transcription JSON
36 .stl ZoomMedia Transcription JSON
37 .stl SpeechMatics Transcription JSON
38 .xml Fraunhoffer Transcription XML
39 .txt Avid DS Caption Format

Export formats

Export ID Type Name
1 Binary EBU STL
2 Binary Cavena 890
3 Binary Screen RAC
4 Binary Screen PAC
5 Text DAS
6 Text Titra TIT
7 Binary ZTitle ZTT
8 Binary PNS
9 Text SRT with only text and timecode
10 Text Only text
11 Text Only timecode
12 Text Text & Timecode
13 Text Text & Duration
14 Text Timecode & Text (DVDMED USA)
15 Text User defined (Options/Files/Export)
16 Text DAS text file - Only text
17 Text DAS text file - Only timecode
18 Text DAS text file - Text & Timecode
19 Text Sonic DVD Creator Text (TXT)
20 Text Spruce DVD Maestro Text (TXT)
21 Text Adobe Encore DVD Text (TXT)
22 Text Apple DVD Studio Pro Text (TXT)
23 Text Sonic Scenarist Advanced Content (XAS)
24 Bitmap Sony Blu-ray Authoring System (XML-PNG)
25 Bitmap NetBlender DoStudio Blu-ray Authoring System (DoST)
26 Bitmap Sonic Scenarist HD DVD & Blu-ray Authoring System (SCN-SST)
27 Bitmap Memory-Tech HD DVD Authoring System (TXT-PNG)
28 Bitmap HDi DVD Interactive (HDT-PNG)
29 Bitmap Sonic (Daikin) Scenarist DVD Authoring System (SST)
30 Bitmap Sonic DVD Creator & Fusion - FAB format (SUB)
31 Bitmap Sonic DVD Creator & Fusion - Captions Inc format (SST)
32 Bitmap Spruce DVD Maestro (STL)
33 Bitmap Spruce DVD Maestro (SON)
34 Bitmap Panasonic DVD Authoring System (NAV)
35 Bitmap Panasonic DVD Authoring System (SPI)
36 Bitmap Phillips DVD Authoring System (SUB)
37 Bitmap Toshiba DVD Authoring System (SCR)
38 Bitmap Minerva DVD Bitmaps (TXT)
39 Bitmap Adobe Encore DVD Bitmaps (TXT)
40 Bitmap DVDMED USA (TXT)
41 Bitmap Apple DVD Studio Pro (STL)
42 Binary Simplified EBU STL file
43 Binary EBU STL file for Pixel Power Collage
44 Binary EBU STL N19 file for Arte
45 Binary EBU STL file for Mediaset
46 Binary EBU STL file for Czech TV
47 Binary EBU STL file for Ninsight
48 Binary EBU STL file for Softel
49 Binary EBU STL file for Anglatecnic
50 XML DLP Cinema V1.0 Text (XML)
51 Bitmap DLP Cinema V1.0 Bitmap (ZIP)
52 Bitmap DTS-CSS Digital Theater Systems (ZIP)
53 Bitmap Cinevator (ZIP)
54 Bitmap Ultech DV2000 Digital Video Encoder
55 Bitmap Inscriber CG/X
56 Bitmap 32 bit BMP bitmap files with alpha
57 Bitmap 32 bit TGA Targa files with alpha
58 Text Transtation text files
59 Text EDL file
60 XML Final Cut Pro XML
61 Bitmap Adobe Premiere (AAF + 32 bit TGA files with alpha)
62 Bitmap Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere (32 bit QuickTime MOV file)
63 Text SAMI file
64 XML XML File for Flash Player (JW Player)
65 XML XML File with colors for Flash Player (JW Player)
66 XML Simple XML Timed Text DFXP TTML
67 Text MicroDVD file
68 XML ARD-TT (ebu-tt-d-basic-de) XML
69 XML iTunes timed text XML (*.itt)
70 XML DC Digital Cinema - SMPTE 428-7 (XML)
71 Text Subtitle file - VTT file (*.vtt)
72 ESUB-XF European Subtitle Exchange Format (.esub)
73 Binary Scenarist Closed Captions
74 XML Netflix Timed Text XML
75 Bitmap PNG file
76 Text Avid DS Caption File (TXT)
77 Text DVD Text -Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 Text (TXT)
78 Binary Belle-Nuit Subtitle File (XML/STP)
79 Text Softitler DOC Text Files (DOC)
81 XML NBC Universal XML Subtitle
82 XML Redbull Media House Timed Text XML - EBU-TT-D-1 variant
83 Text Advanced Substation Alpha
84 Binary EBU STL file for Harmonic Spectrum X
85 Text Substation Alpha v4
86 XML 20th Century Fox IMSC1 XML Subtitle File
87 Binary Special EBU STL N19 file - EBU STL file for 20th Century Fox
88 Binary Special EBU STL N19 file - EBU STL file for Orange TV
89 Text SRT with colors, underline, italic
90 XML Amazon Video Timed Text
91 XML NPO Open Profile
92 XML NPO Hearing Impaired
94 Bitmap Panasonic Avionics Authoring System (SON)
95 XML RTV Slovenia Timed Text XML
96 Text All subtitle text in one line
97 XLSX Excel XLSX

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