Transmission of multiple files for a single ID

Some subtitled programs with a single Unique ID may be transmitted with multiple tapes where different tapes use the same starting timecode.

The following procedure can be used to transmit subtitles for such programs:

  • Subtitles must be prepared in one subtitle file with multiple subtitle groups.

  • Every subtitle group shall contain subtitles for one tape.

  • Subtitle groups can be created/edited/deleted in FAB Subtitler in Extras / Tools / Subtitle groups

  • FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD will load the subtitle file and start transmitting subtitles of the first subtitle group

  • The transmission of subtitles of the second/following subtitle group will be started when the following criteria is fulfilled:

  • At least 70% of the current subtitle group were already transmitted

  • And the current timecode is within the first minute after the first timecode of the second/following subtitle group

  • And at least one timecode jump occurred during the transmission of the current subtitle group.

This page was last updated on 2021-05-06