Playing of video file with subtitles

FAB Subtitler can play a video file with subtitles on a secondary display output of the PC graphic card. This way it is possible to connect a large TV or projector to display video with subtitles.

  1. Open a subtitle file in menu File/Open

  2. Open a video file in menu Video/Open video file

  3. Click on menu Display/Video>Video in a window

  4. You will get a video window that can be moved to the secondary display by simply dragging it with the mouse. To display the video in full screen double click on it.

  5. Start playing the video file by clicking on menu Video/Navigate>Play

  6. Click on “Timecode>Lock / Rehearse mode” to start displaying the subtitles or alternatively click on “REHEARSE” as shown on the picture below:

  1. The field with the “REHEARSE” sign will go green, the subtitles will start playing and they will be displayed in the editor window and in video in a window as shown in the image below. The image below is from the two monitors: on the left side on MONITOR 1 there is the FAB Subtitler. On the right side on MONITOR 2 there is the Video in the window.

This page was last updated on 2021-05-06