Conversion of subtitle files using watchfolders

To learn about manual batch convert of multiple subtitle files click here

FAB Subtitler PRO/LIVE/MPEG can be configured to monitor folders and convert files to a different format as soon as a file is present in the folder.

To configure this type of automatic operation:

  1. In Options/Special/Automation configure the following:

  1. Save a file with the name “watchfolder.xml” which contains conversion settings to the input folder by using the following procedure:
  • Click on File / Export

  • Select the export format and choose all necessary settings

  • Click on the Save button which will save the XML file with all settings which are currently configured

  • Save the file with the name “watchfolder.xml” to the input folder

  • The automatic conversion operation will start when the file “watchfolder.xml” and the file to be processed both exist in the input folder

  1. To activate the automatic operation click on Extras / Tools > Start automatic mode

  1. To run FAB Subtitler in automatic mode in a 24/7 operation it is recommended to start FAB Subtitler using FAB Activity Manager. FAB Activity Manager will:
  • Start FAB Subtitler
  • Continuously check if FAB Subtitler is running correctly
  • Restart FAB Subtitler if any problems are detected

This page was last updated on 2021-05-06