FAB Network Controller license activation

In order to fully use the FAB Network Controller an activation of the software is necessary.

You can activate it over the internet or by using a FAB PDF license file, sent to you by FAB or downloaded from FAB Web Access.

Step by step instructions for FAB Network Controller

  • Start the FAB Network Controller Config.
  • Go to the “License” tab and click on the button “Software activation” as seen in the picture below:

Activate Network Controller1

Activation of the license

  • Click on the button “Activate over Internet” to receive the license file from FAB License server as seen in the picture below.

  • Click on the button “Activate using a PDF license file” to activate the license file from local disk by using the FAB PDF license file as seen in the picture below.

Activate Network Controller1

In case of problems

If software activation did not work this could have the following problems:

  • You might have selected a PDF file which is not for the same serial number as the dongle plugged into the computer. Please check that you are selecting the correct serial number:

Activate subtitler4

  • Maybe the PDF file got corrupted when transferred over email. You can download the correct PDF license file(s) from FAB Web Access to make sure that you have correct uncorrupted PDF file(s).

  • If activation over internet did not work then check that the TCP port 443 is open and the connection can be established to the following servers:


This page was last updated on 2024-06-20