Installing FAB Teletext Editor Corporate

FAB Teletext Editor Corporate Edition is a version of the software that can be used without a USB dongle. It uses FAB Network Controller as a license server which checks that not more than the maximum number of licenses are running concurrently on different PCs. Users without FAB Network Controller require FAB Teletext Editor BASIC/PREMIUM which requires a USB dongle.

There are three ways how FAB Teletext Editor Corporate can be installed:

  • Installing the software locally on the PC\ The disadvantage is that when installing a new version, the new version has to be installed manually on all PCs where the software is installed.
  • Installing a server distributed version\ The advantage is that a software update only has to be installed on the server and is automatically distributed to the clients. In this configuration the software update is installed only once by the teletext administrator and is automatically distributed to the workstations.
  • Installing with group policy MSI installer\ The advantage is that Microsoft Windows software distribution can be used for automatic installation of the software on client PCs. In this configuration the software update has to be distributed by the company’s department that is in charge of centralized Windows software distribution using MSI files.

Installing the software locally on the PC

Simply start setupttxeditor.exe on the client PC and install the software directly.

Installing a server distributed version

In this scenario the software is installed locally on FAB Network Controller. On client PCs a simple loader application is installed which checks if the local version of the software is different than the one installed on FAB Network Controller and in that case downloads and starts the newer version.

Before installing the software please contact FAB and provide the network address of FAB Network Controller (i.e. txtnc.domain.local) on which FAB Teletext Editor Corporate will be installed. FAB will include this network address in the license file which is provided to client installations.

The server part of the installation:

  1. Install FAB Network Controller version 3.15 or higher.

  2. Use the license file provided by FAB to activate the FAB Network Controller software license.

  3. Download FAB Teletext Editor Corporate and install setupttxeditor.exe on the PC with FAB Network Controller.

To install a new version of FAB Teletext Editor Corporate only setupttxeditor.exe has to be installed on the server with FAB Network Controller. This version will be distributed automatically to all clients.

The client part of the installation:

The Client part of the installation is only required once because it installs a loader/starter application only. Every time FAB Teletext Editor is started on the client, it checks if there is a new version on the server, downloads it and starts the same version as installed on the server with FAB Network Controller.

  1. Download FAB Teletext Editor Corporate and install setupclientloader.exe on the client PC.

  2. Start FAB Teletext Editor, check that it works correctly and load a predefined configuration from a .ttxconfig file.

Installing with group policy MSI installer

The file contains two MSI installer files:

  • setupttxeditor.msi - This file installs FAB Teletext Editor Corporate

  • setupclientloader.msi - This file installs the FAB Teletext Editor Corporate Loader application only which is used in case that client PCs will use FAB Network Controller to download the latest version of the software as described above.

Please install only one of the MSI files depending on your needs.

The configuration of FAB Teletext Editor is stored in the following registry path where the serial number has to be stored during the installation of the MSI file (this is not done by MSI files provided by FAB):

On 32 Bit Windows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FAB\FAB Teletext Editor Corporate

On 64 Bit Windows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\FAB\FAB Teletext Editor Corporate

In addition the PDF license file has to be copied to the following folder:

c:\ProgramData\FAB\FAB Teletext Editor Corporate

In case that the serial number or the license file are missing then the software will ask for these on first program start. However administrator rights will be required for this task to complete successfully.

Load a configuration file on every start

It is possible to instruct FAB Teletext Editor to load a configuration file on every start. The configuration file must have the name default.ttxconfig and must be stored in a folder. The name of the folder must be stored in the registry:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\FAB\FAB Teletext Editor Corporate\ConfigDir

This page was last updated on 2023-11-07