Recording ASI transport stream (TS) with Dektec ASI Card

To record a 2GB file with the TS input connected to the Dektec ASI card use the program dtrecord.exe with these parameters (you will have to stop the FAB DVB Interface service before running DtRecord.exe):

For DTA-2145:

DtRecord.exe C:\0\recording.ts -t 2145 -i 1 -n 1 -x 2000 -pc NORMAL -m STRAW

For DTA-2144:

DtRecord.exe c:\0\recording.ts -t 2144 -i 1 -n 1 -x 2000 -pc NORMAL -m STRAW

The parameter -i defines the input connector number on the ASI card.

You can download DtRecord on the Dektec Utilities download page

This page was last updated on 2020-05-26