Using NDI Video in FAB Subtitler

NDI Video can be used in FAB Subtitler for the following functionality:

  • Insertion of open (in-vision) subtitles into video
  • Timecode reading

All above functionalities will work at the same time and they have been tested successfully with different NDI streams.

Configuration for Insertion of open (in-vision) subtitles into video

  • In “Options>System>Output devices" activate NDI, select the input stream and define the name of the output stream:

FAB Subtitler will automatically detect the format of the NDI video and create bitmaps with subtitles in appropriate resolution which will be overlaid over the video.

  • To start inserting subtitles into video click on “ON AIR" in FAB Subtitler

  • You can select whether FAB Subtitler shall insert open subtitles into NDI Video or it shall simply provide NDI Video with Fill&Key signals. The Fill&Key operation is described here.

Configuration for Timecode reading

  • Open “Options>Specials>Timecode" and set the options as in the picture below:

This page was last updated on 2021-05-07