Installing a software update

The FAB Teletext Data Generator/Bridge FT-DGS/FT-DBR is a product that is now obsolete and has been replaced by FAB Teletext Generator.

To install a software update you will always have to download the compressed self extracting EXE file which contains the necessary files for the software update. Please start the downloaded EXE file to extract all files into a folder on a PC with Windows (not on the Data Generator).

There are several ways how a software update can be installed:

  • Using a bootable USB Stick The file README.PDF in the software update package explains how to create a bootable USB Stick and use it to update the software and firmware of the Data Generator.

  • Using the program DGUTILS.EXE to transfer the software and firmware update over network (TCP/IP) to the Data Generator. DGUTILS.EXE is a program that can be started under Windows. It can connect over TCP/IP to the Data Generator and perform certain actions like reading all pages to the local hard disk, setting the clock or installing the software update. You will have to transfer the files SOFTWARE.EXE (first) and FIRMWARE.EXE (second) to the unit using the DGUTILS.EXE under Windows in the Windows Command Prompt:

DGUtils ipaddress:SNF /LOGIN=user,pass /FILE=SOFTWARE.EXE
DGUtils ipaddress:SNF /LOGIN=user,pass /FILE=FIRMWARE.EXE

Make sure to replace ipaddress and user,pass with the correct data.

  • Manually install SOFTWARE.EXE and the FIRMWARE.EXE update files for the Data Generator. To install copy both file to the directory C:\KODS of the data generator. First type SOFTWARE.EXE [ENTER] and then FIRMWARE.EXE [ENTER].

Please note that you will have to switch off the data generator after installing the FIRMWARE.EXE file or the data generator will power off automatically and you will have to power it on manually.

This page was last updated on 2020-06-04