Insertion of teletext subtitles into MXF files

FAB Subtitler MPEG can insert teletext subtitles into MXF files. There are several specifications that define how an MXF file can contain teletext data. However most video servers support playing out teletext on the SDI output when teletext is contained in a separate SMPTE 436M track within the MXF file.

To insert teletext subtitles into MXF files:

  • Open Options / Special / Video files / Insertion into WMV/MPG/MXF / MXF and define which specification shall be used to insert teletext into MXF files. Select S436M VBI for SD and S436M ANC for HD.

  • Save the Options by clicking OK

  • Open a subtitle file by clicking on File / Open and select the subtitle file

  • Click on Video / Print subtitles to video file, select the source and destination MXF file and start the insertion process

This page was last updated on 2020-05-26