Control the VTR via serial port

FAB Media Encoder can be configured to control the VTR via serial port. The advantage of this configuration is that it is possible to enter the starting timecode and duration and ending timecode for the encoding directly in FAB Media Encoder.

The first configuration page of FAB Media Encoder shall look like this:

The VTR has to be connected to the PC with FAB Media Encoder over a serial cable (RS232 or with a RS232/RS422 converter which is also available from FAB). The timecode mode has to be set to VITC and the VTR must provide the timecode on the output of the VTR and the COM port for the connection has to be selected correctly:

By entering the starting timecode and the duration directly in FAB Media Encoder and clicking on Encode the VTR will automatically go to the specified timecode position and the Media Encoder will start encoding at that position and stop encoding after the specified duration.

This page was last updated on 2020-05-26